Hawaii’s Most Wanted Wedding DJs

Top notch grade sound equipment, DJ hardware and software the professionals use, a state-of-the-art lighting system and some of the best sound selectors for decades around in Hawaii. You can trust us to make your dream wedding complete. It’s our job to help create an memorable event. We are a full service wedding DJ group and highly respected in the business. Get in touch as early as possible to ensure we have the time to plan for the best possible event

The Wedding You Imagined

We truly believe in the power of good music. Think about it! Our memories are crafted around those special songs only you remember. The right track will take you back to that special place or have you dreaming of the future. It gets us excited and we feel truly privileged to set the tone, ambience, and atmosphere for couples taking their first steps on a new journey. We’ll ask of you what your vision is for the special day and/or night.

Master DJs on Deck

We’ll admit – a lot of wedding DJs get a bad rap. There is the stereotype of the wedding DJ playing the cheezeball songs for a reason. Don’t be that couple. Our DJ team have years of experience under their belt and are masters at setting the mood – whether that be the sentimental, calm sound at the wedding ceremony or body grooving tunes at the wedding reception that will get even grandma and grandpa on the dance floor. There is great responsibility involved and yes, you want the professional music maestros.

Wedding Planning Journey

We’ll walk thru the planning process with you the whole way. We know this can be a stressful time and it helps to have someone experienced and attentive from day one. It starts with a meeting and a few questions to understand what you and your partner like, where the wedding will be, who your guests are etc. We’ll be present at your wedding rehearsal, the ceremony and reception – if needed. Just know that we are full service wedding DJs and able to provide various types of music throughout the same day.

More Than Just A DJ

We want all those who are looking to hire a wedding DJ to understand how much impact we have beyond what music we play. As a full service team, we are able to MC with the proper equipment as well, which only adds to the overall tone of the wedding. It also can’t be said enough that DJs and MCs help to keep the timing of the day/night on track. The last people you want worrying about the schedule are you, the wedding couple. We know how to transition from one part of the program to the next and keep your guests engaged.

We Know Hawaii

Knowing your city helps. After years of playing for the people of Honolulu and the outer islands, we are confident in being able to give feedback on what works and what doesn’t, especially on details of venue, place and how it affects sound.

Hawaii is a mixed pot of people, both local and from abroad and it makes for amazing wedding experiences. We’ve had guests from Italy, Detroit, Philippines and Texas all in one night. And guess what – we curated songs for all of them. A wedding is a time of celebration. We can’t wait to soundtrack yours.

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